>  > For the record, I think a plug-in CVS tree independent of Gimp is a good idea.
>  "Let's focus, people!"
>  > The issue is: who has the time? Without people, good ideas remain abstract.
>  I have no time, but I would nevertheless devote part of on merges between
>  the two cvs trees. I could also set up a cvs server, but I firmly believe
>  that it should be related to the gimp.org domain, and I would first have
>  to ask my "boss" wether abusing a machine at the university would be ok
>  (this is a space issue).


People should feel free to ask for a CVS account on the cvs.gnome.org
box.  If they have something cool they are working on for the GIMP, we
can certainly give them access, provided they are willing to follow
the standard GNOME CVS etiquette.

As far as the GIMP is concerned, people could maintain their own
experimental plug-ins in little CVS modules and later, when the
plug-in is Done(tm), they could ask a CVS maintainer to physically
move it to the main GIMP module.  Or it could be linked as a virtual
module, which also is a nice solution.  This way you can have branches
for particular plug-ins.

In particular, I would love to see the fantastic Print plug-in on the
GNOME CVS :-)  Of course, that is up to Robert to decide.  If there is
anything the CVS maintainers can do to make Robert's life easier, I'd
love to hear about it.



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