Marc Lehmann spontaneously blurts out:
> Hmm... sounds sensible. Unless somebody comes up with something better
> I'll start it in a week or so.
> My idea is to copy the full cvs tree of gimp to (lets call it gimpforge)
> and give any intersted plug-in author write access.
> Updates from the gimp-cvs-tree/{libgimp,app,tools...} to gimpforge should
> be automatic and regular, while updates in the other direction should be
> enabled for specific files (plug-ins/common/snoise.c) or subdirectories
> (e.g. plug-ins/perl).
> That will effectively implement some kind of access-model, and it will
> (hopefully) make it possible to *select* a fileset for distribution.

I guess I wasn't advocating moving the whole tree over, just the plug-ins.
I don't know anything about the GIMP development process, or the internal
intrigue that seems to surface from time to time, so I can't ascertain
whether the whole thing should move.

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