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> don't take this too personally, it is not and was never meant to be!

I didn't take this personally. My problem is that script-fu _is_ not
properly maintained. I appreciate your work, but I fear that you are not a
good script-fu maintainer.

As I see it, you took over maintainance because it was orphaned:

> a look at the bug-tracking system. IIRC there's not a single open Script-Fu
> bug listed there. I do however see some Perl-related bugreports, but I'm
> starting to get off-topic...

I must admit that I have no idea how to edit bugreports or do anything
else about them. I did *try*, but the pages are not very helpful in
explaining how to use them.

> > So yes, I do not believe that script-fu will work in 1.2. I also believe
> > that script-fu needs a real maintainer who cares for it, not somebody like
> > you who should better do other things.
> Ehhh, I hope you didn't meant to say what I read out of this sentence...

Probably: I meant you should probably devote your time to more important
things, like you already do (the core, for example).

I think you do a [relatively] bad job in maintaining script-fu, just
because you are not the original maintainer, and you do a great deal of
other bugfixing in the core, so you must be very short of time.

> I really don't know what bug you are talking about actually, so please, would
> you take the time to file a proper bugreport? 

No. I filed it, it got ignored. I reported it to the list, it got
ignored. I did more to get that bug fixed than you could expect from
anybody (because _I_ get asked about it twice a month)! I tried to contact
people personally about that bug (and a couple of others) about that bug,
and nobody reacted.

Do not ask me _again_ to file/report it.

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