On Tue, 25 Jan 2000, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> So what? Sven obviously has not enough time to care for everything in
> the Gimp. Critical bugs in Script-Fu have not been fixed for over a
> year, despite a considerable number of good bug-reports.

That is VERY vague.  What are these 'critical bugs'?  Obviously we do not
know about them or someone would already have given Sven a list of bug
IDs.  If re-reporting the bug is so painful that you can't do it, why
don't you at least send the list of IDs to the mailing list?  What's a
"considerable number" of bug reports?  Have these bugs been reported
multiple times?  If so, they should be condensed to one ID -- again, WHAT
bug reports are you talking about?

They are not SO critical that I have been unable to use script-fu -- there
was a time when there were many that were, but they have been getting
fixed rather regularly.

> PLUGIN_MAINTAINERS is just a file... fatc is that bugs _do_ _not_
> _get_ _fixed_, so script-fu is basically unmaintained.


        I realize you must be frustrated with the bugs you report not
getting fixed, and whatever this bug is in particular, but if you would
just take the time to re-report it I am sure that Sven would find the time
to repair it or at least get back to you.

        When I have reported script-fu bugs in the past, Sven has
contacted ME personally and fixed the bug (sometimes noting that it was
similiar to a previously-reported bug). Turnaround time was about two
weeks or so each time, which I do not feel is unreasonable for something
that he is working on in his spare time.

        Rather than all the fire and brimstone about script-fu's
shortcomings, why don't you (a) help out and fix it or (b) allow Sven (and
others) to do his job and re-report bugs occasionally if they do not get

        Finally, I really don't believe that you contacted him personally,
or that if you did it was only with one brief email during a busy time for
him, just so you could say that you DID try to contact him and offer it as
proof.  Everything you have said so far on this listabout script-fu and
its maintainer is completely antithetical to my experience with them.

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