On Tue, 25 Jan 2000, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> BTW: the stacktrace option has never worked on my machine(s), unless you
> call "endless loop" working. Also, I could never get out of that signal
> handler.  Gimp just started to suck 100% cpu time when I tried to "e"xit.
> I doubt that this thing is useful for anybody (I tried it even on a stock
> redhat 6.1 system). It is a constant annoyance.

I concurr.  It has never worked for me either -- I just assumed that it
had been working for someone, somewhere.

If not having it working is a chronic problem, why not remove it
altogether?  Do any of the developers here find it genuinely useful?  I'd
much rather just have a core file and not run the risk of munging the
stack (which seems to happen with this on the one or two occasions that I
was running GIMP on a terminal and it crashed).

After all, debugging the debugging mechanisms seems a waste of time,
since such good ones exist on UNIX already.

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