Kevin Cozens wrote:

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> I am searching the mailing list archives but there are so many messages I
> haven't found it yet. Using "script-fu" as a search criteria only 206
> messages were found. I haven't found one yet which seems to mention
> script-fu problems in the subject line.


This is why people should use the bug reporting system. So that people
with limited time budgets can spend it on finding bugs, not bug reports.

It is a disservice to individuals on the periphery of the Gimp support
effort who, finding themselves with a spare weekend and a permissive
spouse, then have to trek through message lists to see what's up. That
wastes their time, which they would prefer to spend on improving
and stabilizing the Gimp. No matter how well a piece of information
pinpoints a particular deficiency, if it cannot be found, it is useless.

Be good, be well

Garry Osgood

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