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> That is VERY vague.  What are these 'critical bugs'?

the most critical one is:

  "start a script-fu plug-in noninteractively, and things start burning".

  start burning means: either script-fu segfaults, gimp segfaults, both
  segfault, perl gets an error but gimp runs unstable etc...

There are probbaly two bugs here: the first one cuases script-fu to return
garbage, and the second one (in gimp) allows gimp to become unstable
because script-fu returned garbage.

> If re-reporting the bug is so painful that you can't do it

It is so painful because I re-reported it at least three times (so many
mails are in my saent-folder, but I know I sent more that got lost during
a crash).

> They are not SO critical that I have been unable to use script-fu

They are ciritcal enough that some plug-ins (like the logulator) never
worked because of it.

>       I realize you must be frustrated with the bugs you report not

Yes, I am. Otherwise you would need to think that I'm such an asshole
_all_ the time. Beware ;)

> getting fixed, and whatever this bug is in particular, but if you would
> just take the time to re-report it I am sure that Sven would find the time

I actually sent a report and how to reproduce it to this list 7 days ago.

>       Finally, I really don't believe that you contacted him personally,

I nevr said that.

> its maintainer is completely antithetical to my experience with them.

Fine. My experience is 15 months old and is documented in at least the
gimp-developers mailinglist.

Sure, Sven is a nice and fast hacker, but even he can't get me to report
the same problem for the 6th time or so.

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