Pierfrancesco Caci spontaneously blurts out:
> Hi, I wasn't able to use Gimp for a while, say since version 1.1.11,
> either because it didn't compile or because it segfaulted.
> Now I'm successfully using 1.1.15 and I wish to congratulate for the
> great job and all the new features.
> Thank you

I concur. I was really trying to use whatever came standard with RH6.0 and
things are *WAY* better with the latest and greatest. I was doing website stuff
and with the old version, I have to continually go back to Photoshop (on
my mac) to get things done in a crunch. This round of web assets was
created without photoshop at all (actually I used it to scan the images
only). I found it to be far more stable and actually work the way I
expected it to work. Great job guys!

In hopes of making Gimp even better, I have initiated the piGIMP project
(pigimp.sourceforge.net) and should hopefully have some very very 
preliminary Photoshop vs GIMP benchmarking numbers at LWE next week.
To quote David, my co-conspirator in the project "Dean, I'm going to 
kill you for making me install NT". Please send us your thoughts and

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