> > If re-reporting the bug is so painful that you can't do it
>It is so painful because I re-reported it at least three times (so many
>mails are in my saent-folder, but I know I sent more that got lost during
>a crash).
> > They are not SO critical that I have been unable to use script-fu
>They are ciritcal enough that some plug-ins (like the logulator) never
>worked because of it.

Could you provide the subject line of any one of the messages when you 
reported the problems with script-fu which you say have not been fixed 
and/or a date when one of the messages was posted to the list?

I am searching the mailing list archives but there are so many messages I 
haven't found it yet. Using "script-fu" as a search criteria only 206 
messages were found. I haven't found one yet which seems to mention 
script-fu problems in the subject line.

I did find the following message from around May of 1999:

>1. Gimp segfaults on the first PDB call to gimp_paintbrush.
>    The reason is that the pointer "paintbrush_options" (app/paintbrush.c) is
>    NULL as it isn't initialized automatically.
>    I haven't checked but if other tools use a similar technique these also
>    won't work. (I also haven't checked wether this depends on the global
>    paint options setting).
>2. Also, could somebody tell me how I can set the tool options? I seem 
>unable to
>    use gradients from my scripts.
>3. How do I use the ink tool? There seems to be now way of using it from
>    scripts.
>4. --with-mp=yes slows down the paintbrush tool by approximately 5791%, if
>    not more. (seriously, drawing a line takes 5 seconds instead of 0.2), this
>    was tested with the Circle (01) brush. The same is true for the pencil
>    tool but NOT for the ink tool, which is still fast.

I don't the above is script-fu related as such. This is all I was able to 
find so far.


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