O.K. There is a new project on sourceforge, "Gimp Plug-ins", for a lack of
a less imaginative name. To put it differently:

"Get your FREE acount NOW!"

For those who don't know: There was a discussion on gimp-developers on
how to better manage the multitude of plug-ins that are part of the gimp
distribution, and unload the developers a bit.

The gimp-plug-ins project on sourceforge is an experiment to give plug-in
authors their own cvs, their own webpages, their own mailing-lists and
more, while having a good time with the other plug-in authors, all at the
same place.

- "Our" (empty) pages are at http://gimp-plug-ins.sourceforge.net/
- The cvs server is at cvs.sourceforge.net (module gimp).
- You can easily find it on http://sourceforge.net/ by searching for "Gimp

What is there?

  A cvs repository with a module "gimp", just as on the gnome cvs. It is
  currently updated from the main cvs via an hourly cron-job. I can enable
  partial mirroring of some files or directories from sourceforge to the
  gnome cvs.

  So the situation is like this:

  - all the gimp parts are read-only on source-forge. You can change them,
    but the changes will get lost after the next update.
  - I can mark parts of the sourceforge repository as read-write. This will
    make sourceforge the primary source for some files, in effect making
    parts of the gnome-cvs tree read-only, i.e. managed by sourceforge.

What are my [short-term] plans?

  *  get feedback here ;=) give other cvs-developers admin-access so they
     can manage the plug-ins "project".
  *  give developers without cvs access but with a plug-in in the cvs tree
     the possibility to manage their own plug-in
  *  give plug-in developers without a plug-in in the cvs tree the
     possibility to add it WITHIN the gimp framework, but without them
     added to the main distro.

     This last point means that people can add their plug-ins, and if they
     build fine, they can more easily be added the the mian tree.

     Some config-changes should be made (later) so that we can include in
     plug-specific parts in the configure script and the ins/Makefile.am.

  *  add additional modules with plug-ins, that can be managed entirely by
     its programmers.

What are my _slong term_ plans?

  *  add a more generic build/install system that would ultimately allow
     us to make binary and source packages from the cvs. Problems to be
     solved are: "too many plug-ins", "modular i18n", "plug-in installer".

In any case, the bazaar is open, contact me to get an account, tell me, what
you think!

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