Hi everybody,

I've now got a couple of SGI's, three Wacom tablets
(SD510C, UD1218, Intuos 9X12) and two wacom
drivers (Wacom 4.4.0 release and a home-grown)
plus the current Gimp in the same room, but the
various combinations and permutations do not
work together all that well.

The most workable GTK+/GDK interface
appears to be xinput=xfree. gxid is precluded;
the Xsgi server appears not to support
XChangePointerDevice(). But with xfree,
there are still a significant number of device
events that are getting dropped, or coordinates
getting mangled, shooting the input device cursor
into the upper left hand corner. This behavior
seems pretty independent of SGI, tablet, and
driver combination, or use of
x_init/device_init commands.

So is this cloud raining only on me, or have
other SGI/Wacom Gimp users seen this

Be good, be well

Garry Osgood

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