On Fri, Jan 28, 2000 at 12:20:31AM -0500, Kelly Lynn Martin 
> FWIW, I think this should be used sparingly.  It is my belief that
> we should try to move plugins into a separate package from the GIMP

Yeah. I plan to use this only for plug-ins already in the core.

> deal.  Lots of applications require multiple packages to get
> "everything", and GIMP is a _large_ application.

BTW, Olof, Daniel, whoever-thinks-about-plug-in-management: The plug-ins
module on sourceforge is the ideal playground for some more intelligent
plug-in management (for gimp-1.3 and beyond).

IMHO every new plug-in should get a subdirectory there, and then we can
craft some guidelines. For one thing, a mini-plug-in with a single .c file
should be possible. This would also be a chance to somehow decentralize
the i18n tables somehow. For example one could give each plug-in it's own
message catalog and translation files which could be merged into one large

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