On Fri, Jan 28, 2000 at 10:40:54AM +0100, Sven Neumann 
> > these files in the gimp cvs will get overwritten. I've not found a better
> > way to synchronize two cvs trees better (maybe CVSup would help, but...)
> NO!!

okokok ;-> Just when I thought it would be good ;->

> I liked the whole idea, but I wasn't aware that are you planning to do that
> before 1.2

Well, sometimes I'm much slower, sometimes much faster than even I think

> If this is absolutely necessary, we might consider branching the
> plug-ins. But doing so will certainly lead to more problems than it
> solves.

I am determined to branch the gimp-plug-ins tree at the same moment the
original gimp-cvs tree creates a stable branch. I guess that might be
the right moment to enable mirroring (to the main trunk, not the stable

So I suggest that plug-in authors treat the "gimp" module on sourceforge
as a read-only mirror, which will, at some point, become partly writable
for development.

In the meantime we could populate the plug-ins module with other plug-ins,
and maybe move some plug-ins from the main distribution there.

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