I just looked into GDynText-1.4.4. It fixes a bug that was reported in the 
bug-tracking system and I have included that bug-fix into the CVS version.

However GDynText starts to diverge from the CVS version distributed with
The GIMP. IMHO we should overwork the code a little for 1.2. This means 
removing all code that is only in there to allow for backward compatibility. 
Is it really such a problem if people upgrade a developement versions and
stuff breaks? The GDynText plugin should now settle on a format it uses for
its parasites and only implement this one. This would allow to strip off a
lot of code which would allow for much better plug-in maintenance. 

Additionally I have a few wishes regarding the interface:

- The color-button should use the one from libgimp since it gives DND 
- The popup messages are more than annoying. This could be solved by the
  ideas pointed out below.
- I'd vote for changing the buttons at the bottom and their functionality.
  Here's my proposal:

[ OK  ]  Means Apply and Close and is only sensitive when a change can be
         applied to an existing text layer.
[ New ]  Creates a new text layer. This would make the popup window 
         since the fact that a new layer has to be created is visible by the
         sensitivity state of the buttons (if OK is not useable, a new layer 
         has to be created using the New button). Additionally this would 
         to use the settings of an existing text layer to create a new one 
         the same font but different text. Simply click into a text layer,
         change the Text and hit New.

[ Apply ]  Applies the changes to the Text Layer it was called from (just 
           happens now).

[ Close ]  Closes the dialog without further changes (just what happens now).

What do you think? 

Salut, Sven

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