Ar't writes:
 > proposition (despite Gimp freezing):

I like your idea. (I still think it's definitely inappropriate to add
this kind of new functionality, even if it is very nice, to GIMP 1.1
(1.2), sorry.)

However, I don't quite see how dragging the mouse around in the
popped-up window could be used to fully select a colour. A colour
space has three dimensions ((R,G,B) or (H,S,V), for example). In
addition to adjusting two of them (apparently H and S in your example
on the webpage) with the mouse's position, the third (V) need to be
adjusted by some other means. Would it be easy to adjust the third
with some keyboard keys while dragging the mouse? Or with the
mousewheel, if you have a such? Or maybe something gesture-based? Drag
small circles clockwise to increase V, counter-clockwise to decrease
V, for instance. It's hard to say without experimenting...


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