>  GIMP's a lot lighter than gnome-libs.  I would substantially oppose
>  any serious dependence on gnome-libs in GIMP.  Especially since
>  gnome-libs appears to depend on a library that is only available if
>  you have RPM installed.

Kelly, please don't spread FUD.  People build gnome-libs on Debian
boxes, old broken Slackware boxes, FreeBSD, Solaris, and other
beasts.  What library are you talking about?

I think the GIMP would gain a lot from using the core GNOME libraries;
right now it has a lot of reinvented wheels as it is.  Users are going
to want a consistent desktop experience, so the GIMP should not stand
out as a sore thumb.

Mind you, all the user interface improvements that the GIMP team has
done are excellent.  It is much better than the 1.0 series.

Keep up the good work,


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