> >The main part of this standard will be: "Use the libgimp
> >constructors" ;-)
> Are those documented anywhere?  (yeah, right)

I think we should try to document libgimp and libgimpui using gtk-doc
or a similar system. This would mean to add the necessary documentation
directly into the source as standard C comments the way the GNOME people
are doing it. Documentation for the PDB-wrappers should of course be 
generated directly out of the PDB since it already contains all the
necessary info. The result would be an always uptodate SGML documentation
with the possibility to create HTML, Postscript, man-pages and probably 

I have used gtk-doc before and while setting the system up and getting
all the necessary tools can be a little akward, writing the documentation
is straightforward and the result (in HTML) is very useful. You probably
know the glib and gtk+ reference manuals...

If someone volunteers to write the code to generate the SGML out of the 
PDB, I don't think it's too late to add the necessary comment blocks to
the rest of the libgimp code.

Salut, Sven


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