On Mon, 31 Jan 2000, Raphael Quinet wrote:

> - For French, this is more or less the same as for English, except
>   that ":", "!" and "?" take exactly one space before them and this
>   should be a non-breaking space (note that there is a space before

Now for the fun part. The non-breakable space is character 0xA0 in many
encodings, including ISO-8859-1. In the X keyboard locales, it can be
accessed by compose-space-space. Everything would be fine except for this
one true lameness:

Fonts shipped with the Solaris openwin X server, even non-proportional
ones, have a character of width 0 at this position. Editing text using
this character under emacs, for instance, yields strange on-screen

I know it might sound clumsy, but isn't it possible to do the following:
after text has been broken into lines, replace all non-breakable spaces
with normal spaces? Maybe in Gtk?

Yes, this is a work-around for a stupid bug.

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