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> Most of plugins place ":" in different positions
> "bla bla:"
> "bla bla: "
> "bla bla :"
> "bla bla : "
> etc.
> Is it possible to choose one (more likely the first one)
> and post it somewhere from where people could read it and change their
> sources.

Note that each language has its own typography rules.  For example,
in English there should be no space before the colon and one space
after it:
  "blah blah: hello"
But in French there should be a space before and after the colon:
  "bla bla : bonjour"

Well, that's for text printed with a non-proportional font.  If you
have a proportional font and full control over the spacing (i.e. being
able to use half-spaces or en-spaces and em-spaces), then the rules
are even more subtle.  There are several books documenting that, and I
think that the TeX book has a paragraph about it.

But for fixed-width fonts, I think that the following rules apply:
- For English, no spaces before any punctuation marks except for
  the opening parenthesis, brackets or quotes.  Always one space
  after every punctuation mark.  Note that I personally prefer to have
  two spaces after a full stop, ellipsis, exclamation mark or question
  mark but I know that some word processors like FrameMaker forbid
- For French, this is more or less the same as for English, except
  that ":", "!" and "?" take exactly one space before them and this
  should be a non-breaking space (note that there is a space before
  ":" but not before ";").

If there are any typesetters on this list, feel free to flame me if I
am wrong.  Just to be on the safe side, I repeat that the rules listed
above are for fixed-width fonts only.


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