On Tue, Feb 01, 2000 at 05:07:01PM +0100, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> > > gnome-canvas  for the UI (he draw routines we use on the gimp
> >  I didn't really get your point here....
> Look into the code that handles the bezier_curves UI. A good part of 

The problem with gnome is solely that its monolithic, without the need
to be so. If that will be resolved (which seems naturally for me), no
problem.  In the past, however, the gnome people did not like to do that
for us...

> >  Okay, I wouldn't even mind to make libart mandantory...
> Why? libart was developed explictely to work w/o gnome-libs. It's an
> extremly useful library that fits perfectly to our needs.

Thats probably the reason why he does NOT mind to make it mandatory ;)

> Did I say control-center? Daniel, this is FUD! You talk about using XML. 
> Do you want to write your own parser?

Nobody needs that. expat is available freely, small, extremely fats and
portable. Most languages (python, perl) have already interfaces to it.

And we could even use the "proprietary" gnome-xml package, if it is

BTW, the much more important problem (for me) of plug-in management would
be helped a lot if a dependable xml parser were available (I'll just
requite expat on developer machines), since I'd like to use the OSD (w3's
open software description) format (an XML application) to store plug-in

> evolved around gnome. The good thing about these libs is that they are
> maintained and integrate nicely with GTK+ and its object system.  As
> said before, a lot depends on the will of the GNOME people to release
> those libs in small packages without throwing too much gnome-specific

That bad thing is that most of that stuff is monolithic. And the gnome
people were very reluctant in the past to seperate their beloved
gnome-libs into its conmponents. I don't believe this will change.

> stuff into them. I think we would already use the canvas now if it would 
> have been released seperately.


>  (gnome-xml)    <- not sure if we will need this one

I still wonder why they didn't use proven and fast technology (expat), and
invented their own system (which is slower and has more bugs).

> With the execption of the canvas all this is AFAIK already available
> outside of gnome-libs. 

Then we should consider it. However, "outside gnome-libs" does not mean
that these libraries do not require it.

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