On  1 Feb, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> Your:
> "
> Category      New File
> "
> Looks IMHO much worse than the existing:
> "
> Category      New File Settings
> "

 Not really, you have the word "Preferences" just a few mm above it.
 Also there was some inconsistency: The category "Monitor Information" was
 a settings dialog anyway but it had no "Settings" in its name....

>>  2. Some tools had a "Tool" in the options dialog and some not. Since
>>  all tools    are tools and people know what tools are, we don't need
>>  to call some
> Same thing here. Just because all tools are tools there is no reason
> _NOT_ to display this.

 Well, we could have add the word "Tool" to all tools the other way
 round but that's unprofessional; you don't call every Mercedes
 "Mercedes Car", do you? You know that Mercedes produces cars as you
 know that a pencil is a tool and in a toolbox every item is a tool.

 There's no need to tell the user what she/he's seeing if it's

>>  3. The optiondialog of the tools is obviously a option dialog and

> Same here... Just because all these dialogs are option dialogs there
> is not reason not to display this fact.

 Uhm, I guess like the idea of having window titles that tell you what
 you should see, so why no "Save File Dialog" or "Preferences Dialog".
 That no good UI design, in fact if you look at the comercial competitors
 of GIMP you'll see that they don't do this either and surely this gives
 a more professional impression...

>>  A patch for fixing that is included....
> I detest :)

 Like you can see, I'm not the only one who was disturbed by this... :))



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