On Tue, 1 Feb 2000, Raphael Quinet wrote:

> Well, although it is a kludge, I like it.  I think that it would be a
> good idea to implement this in Gtk (and if possible, in the 1.2.x
> branch).  It would not be hard to do: replace all 0xA0 bytes with the
> normal space character 0x20 before drawing the text string.

This is not so trivial as it seems since 0xA0 is not   in all
encodings. For instance, it is not in VISCII (Vietnamese).
Therefore Gtk should check beforehands whether or not we're using a
ISO-8859-x encoding (could somebody confirm all ISO-8859-x encodings 
have 0xA0 =   ?) or some closely related encoding (Windows ANSI).

When will we all be using ISO-10646 / Unicode?

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