This is probably a generic automake/pgcc problem, but it's exhibiting
itself with the GIMP first, so here it is:

config.guess from CVS is failing for me since it doesn't recognize
my ld supported emulations. I'm using pgcc 2.95.3, and ld is:
    GNU ld version 2.9.5 (with BFD
The relevant line from ld's output output is:
    ld: supported emulations: elf_i386 i386linux

It seems that config.guess only checks the _first_ listed emulation,
so I added this to config.guess at the appropriate place to make it

    echo "${UNAME_MACHINE}-pc-linux-gnuaout"
    exit 0

Am I doing something wrong - other than using bleeding-edge pgcc and
binutils that is? Can someone point me to a resource that will fix
this properly?



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