> On  1 Feb, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> > Your:
> > Category    New File
> > Looks IMHO much worse than the existing:
> > Category    New File Settings
>  Not really, you have the word "Preferences" just a few mm above it.
>  Also there was some inconsistency: The category "Monitor Information" was
>  a settings dialog anyway but it had no "Settings" in its name....

Hmm - I dont like the first too, since it is unclear what preferences
are adjusted inside "New File". "New File Settings" is not much better...

What about "New File Defaults" ?

> >>  2. Some tools had a "Tool" in the options dialog and some not. Since
> >>  all tools    are tools and people know what tools are, we don't need
> >>  to call some
> > Same thing here. Just because all tools are tools there is no reason
> > _NOT_ to display this.
>  Well, we could have add the word "Tool" to all tools the other way
>  round but that's unprofessional; you don't call every Mercedes
>  "Mercedes Car", do you? You know that Mercedes produces cars as you
>  know that a pencil is a tool and in a toolbox every item is a tool.
>  There's no need to tell the user what she/he's seeing if it's
>  obviously.

So, what about the "Colors->Curves" Thing ? It is a tool isnt it?
It is not always clear, if something is a tool or not - especially
when it does not have a button in the Toolbox.

IMHO Redundacy is not that bad. I vote for "Tool" in every Option-Dialog.


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