On  2 Feb, Marc Lehmann wrote:

>>  Not really, you have the word "Preferences" just a few mm above it.

> No, I haven't.

 Sounds like you should send a bugreport to the authors of your
 favourite windowmanager....

> I have no problems with these!! Consistency is great, I am just
> against removing non-redundant information.

 I do have a problem with them because they look just silly.

>>  "Mercedes Car", do you? You know that Mercedes produces cars as you
>>  know that a pencil is a tool and in a toolbox every item is a tool.
> The problem is that I know that every thing in the toolbox is a tool,
> but I do not know that a givne dialog belongs to such a tool unless it
> is marked as such.

 It is marked and will stay that way. You'll always have the name of the
 tool in the dialog...

> The reason nobody calls it a Mercedes car is because you can see
> it.

 And I guess you can't see that a tool from the toolbox IS a tool?
 In this case we should care about the sense of the tools instead 
 of specifying them to be tools....

> Windows look the same, so you need other things to differentiate
> between them.

 Who cares about Windows? :>
 Serious, no tool looks the same like any other in GIMP and I didn't
 get you point with the Windows.
>>  There's no need to tell the user what she/he's seeing if it's
>>  obviously.
> I don't see it :(

 Hm, you don't wear glasses, do you?

> I would rather like _more_ information displayed in the title than is
> already. For example, if I open a Save As dialog window and answre a
> phone call, it is not obvious which image you wnated to save (as this
> isn't displayed anywhere).

 YES, you finally got it! So let's make it visible what image you are
 about to save instead of underlining the point that this window is a
 dialog (which everyone can see).... That is sensible UI desgin.

> Hmm... I wasn't the one who complained that some person with cvs
> access applied a braindamged patch not so long ago ;->

 Hey, he didn't apply the whole patch... ;>



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