On  2 Feb, Simon Budig wrote:

> Hmm - I dont like the first too, since it is unclear what preferences
> are adjusted inside "New File". "New File Settings" is not much
> better...
> What about "New File Defaults" ?

 Sounds good.

> So, what about the "Colors->Curves" Thing ? It is a tool isnt it?
> It is not always clear, if something is a tool or not - especially
> when it does not have a button in the Toolbox.

 Then rename it to Curves Tool. You only have two choices in GIMP:
 Either it's a tool or it's an action, this is normally obvious
 because actions (like Save File) contain a verb, while Tools are
 objects. Anyway: it doesn't really matter as long as the user knows
 what she/he'll get from choosing a menuitem.

> IMHO Redundacy is not that bad. I vote for "Tool" in every
> Option-Dialog.

 Redundancy is not bad if it's improving usability. In this case it
 won't, so why adding it?

 Example? Well, take the pencil: Open the options dialog und choose the
 symbol for the pencil. Now you have an optiondialog for the pencil open;
 you know it's an optiondialog because it contains nothing else but
 widgets to change something, so the words "option" and "dialog" are
 superfluous here. Since you know that a pencil is a thing to write with
 and that you can't for example eat it, it is a tool, so why bother
 mentioning it? Let's concentrate on improving the tool tips to let the
 user know HOW to use it, instead of telling him that he may use it.  

 Now I'll turn off my Palm III Palmtop, leave my keyboard inputdevice
 alone and drive my Ford car a little bit...



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