On Thu, Feb 03, 2000 at 10:35:33AM -0600, Elan Feingold wrote:
> > Shouldn't we increase the default for the tile_cache_size? GIMP
> > was shipped with the default of 10MB years ago. Memory is cheap
> > nowadays and I guess we can expect the average user to have
> > more RAM available. I'd suggest setting it to 32MB.
> Instead of guessing at fixed amounts, why not:
>       - Detect how much memory the user has.
>       - Pick a reasonable default in terms of percentage (say, 50%).
>       - Let the user change this default, also in terms of percentage.
> That way, the default the Gimp ships with will work with all systems, and
> also on a given system if the user dumps more memory in, the Gimp will
> automagically have better performance.

I agree that magic numbers are foolish to use, but I do think that the
method for choosing a default should be carefully planned. Your system
sounds good, but the entire issue merits some discussion and possible

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