> > Instead of guessing at fixed amounts, why not:
> > 
> >     - Detect how much memory the user has.
> >     - Pick a reasonable default in terms of percentage (say, 50%).
> >     - Let the user change this default, also in terms of percentage.
> > 
> > That way, the default the Gimp ships with will work with all systems, and
> > also on a given system if the user dumps more memory in, the Gimp will
> > automagically have better performance.
> I agree that magic numbers are foolish to use, but I do think that the
> method for choosing a default should be carefully planned. Your system
> sounds good, but the entire issue merits some discussion and possible
> alternatives.

I think that this was discussed some time back and the conclusion was that
if you have 5 users on your system all using gimp and each using 50%...
well, you see where that could be a problem.  

Maybe have a note pop up when first run asking the user how much memory
they want to reserve for the Gimp, and note that this amount (percentage?)
will be used for all Gimp sessions or something like that.

My $0.02 

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