On Wed, Feb 02, 2000 at 06:33:10PM -0500, Tom Rathborne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >    elf_i386
> >    elf32ppclinux
> >    elf64alpha
> Woo, how thorough of you.

It's sometimes handy to have a cross-compiler for alpha. But I do not have
a ppc machinea (I planned to, though), so it's a bit of overkill...

> All I can think of is that my install/deinstall of the binutils RPM
> fixed something... perhaps I had an ld symlink in the wrong place.

It occurs to me that this "rpm thingy" people talk so much about is
responsible for the vast majroity of "unexplainable" bugs. Just yesterday
I tried all sorts of precompiled apaches (including the redhat one), and
they all dumped core. As always, building from source and it suddenly

> I'm not sure why it just started working, but I will be sure to look a
> little closer and give a more thorough bug report if it happens again.

Most probable causes for this is that the compiler has problems creating
executables. Since environemntvariables influence config.guess a lot,
thats the place to start looking. Of course, a missing ldconfig would
explain it just as well.

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