> > If you have a shared maschine the best would be to let the
> >administrator choose how much memory each user will get because
> >users'll ALWAYS try to get what they can even if it makes no
> >sense....
> It might be a good idea to have a compile-time configuration option
> for maximum cache size, and it might also be a good idea for gimp to
> check its ulimits and adjust its cache size so as to avoid running
> over its data segment limit or maximum resident set size.  Some
> admins use these as a way to prevent resource hogging.

I thought about making it dependant on whether the sysadmin put a
default value into the gimprc_user (which is the file that gets copied
into the users .gimp directory later. It should be trivial to parse 
this file during the user_installation step. If the tile-cache-size
is set, use the value and skip the extra dialog. If we document this
even sysadmins that use binary packages have a chance to set a default
value globally.
However, I will certainly not find the time to hack this in the next 

Salut, Sven

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