On  3 Feb, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> Since the menus were reorganized I am constantly guessing wether
> "Repeat Last" will repeat my last action, the one before or not work
> at all, since you can't tell from the menu anymore.

 Huh? Sounds strange, could you provide a snapshot in a private EMail?
 I can't image what this should look like....

> I am quite sure it improves usabiloty for me a lot.

 Well, I could provide you a patch which reverts it when you compile

> Huh? Every dialog contains widgets that "change something", wether its
> an options dialog, preferences or whatnot.

 Right, and if a window want's your interaction it's called a dialog.
 Everyone sees that, so why bother with titling it a dialog?

> Tool tips are a very slow way of interacting with a user.

 Also right, impressive icons are a lot better but anyway, if you just
 can't image what a tool is supposed to do, a tooltip can help a lot. 



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