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> > Since the menus were reorganized I am constantly guessing wether
> > "Repeat Last" will repeat my last action, the one before or not work
> > at all, since you can't tell from the menu anymore.
>  Huh? Sounds strange, could you provide a snapshot in a private EMail?
>  I can't image what this should look like....

"Repeat Last" will repeat the last plug-in. Since menus do not provide a
feedback of wether an entry is a plug-in or "built-in" (I think it would
even be wrong to do so), you have to know this, which is not easy for

> > I am quite sure it improves usabiloty for me a lot.
>  Well, I could provide you a patch which reverts it when you compile

Please note that I am not alone with that opinion...

>  Right, and if a window want's your interaction it's called a dialog.
>  Everyone sees that, so why bother with titling it a dialog?

Because a dialog already provides enough visual feedback to let you tell.
Tools vs. Plug-ins vs. Other dialogs often do not provide this.

I mean, with your logic, you could remove all text from the dialogs, since
the layout is enough to find out what the dialog does, and the tooltips
can help you.

You need the right mix between feedback and not, and I think yours is too
low. Especially since you are a skilled gimp user, while others are not.

> > Tool tips are a very slow way of interacting with a user.
>  impressive icons are a lot better

This is wrong. Many people (like me) rely on text to quickly evaluate a
situation. This is common for unix-type-people. Icons are a much slower
feedback then text.

Take, for example, the gimp toolbox. Manye of the icons look almost the
same, so I actually select tools by _position_ in the toolbox, not by a
quick look.

>  can't image what a tool is supposed to do, a tooltip can help a lot. 

Thats not the point. The point is effective user feedback.

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