Hello gimp developers!

I've been using 1.1.15 for a while now, and I just downloaded
and compiled the latest updates from the CVS server.  

I love it and salute all of you for all the good work!

But I do have a question.    A month or two ago I wrote a
plug-in for 1.0.4 (p2m_plugin).   (My apologies to those
of you who think it is stupid for a plug-in to have `plugin'
in its name;^)  Anyway, I decided to throw caution to the
wind and try it under 1.1.15.  It seems to register the
save handlers OK but dies rather ungracefully when you 
try to save.   Anyway, the question is, is there any sort
of document in existence that summarizes the changes that
plug-in developers have to make to update plug-ins to work
with the new version?   I looked at some common plug-ins,
such as tiff.c and jpeg.c and was shocked at the differences
between the old and the new versions.  Do I just need to
reverse engineer one of these (as I did when I originally
wrote my plug-in) or is there a cookbook approach I can 

Also, just for the record, I have noticed some odd behavior
in 1.1.15 that may be bugs or may just confirm that I don't
know what I am doing. In case it matters, I have all the 
latest and greatest libs installed and am running gimp 
1.1.15 using code I got from the CVS server today.  This is 
on a RedHat Linux box and I see these problems under both 
Gnome/Enlightenment and KDE/kwm.  

The problem areas are:

 1) The x-y mouse coordinate data and image name information
    that appears to the left of the progress meter are
    not working right for me.   The data seems to be written
    on top of old data that is never erased so it just looks
    like a big black smudge after a while.

 2) The Select By Color dialog box only comes up once, even
    if I close the image and open another one.  To use Select
    By Color more than once I need to restart gimp!

 3) When I Add Alpha Channel to an RGB image, there is no
    indication in the window although it seems to work right.
    In 1.0.4 it changes RGB to RGB-alpha in the window title.
    If you did this on purpose I'm not trying to complain, but
    I liked that feature in 1.0.4....

My apologies if this is old news or these problems are because
of something I did wrong.  

Thanks for any help, suggestions, or flames.

Steve Lipa

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