ok, I've added the necessary framework, so we can start to work on the
documentation. If you have any problems with configure/Makefiles, please 
mail me.

If you check the source out of CVS, you will find a new directory named
devel-docs. There's a README, _read it_ !! You will need gtk-doc and a bunch
of SGML utilities if you want to work on the documentation. 

Unless a new function (or a new file) is added to the source, there should
be no need to redo the two first steps ("make scan" and "make templates").
So you can start directly by creating the SGML files (make sgml) and
converting them to HTML (make html). 

Changes to the documentation are performed by adding comment blocks to the 
source (see libgimp/gimpcolorbutton.c, which I documented as an example) and 
editing the sgml templates in the tmpl dir (see tmpl/gimpcolorbutton.sgml).
After changing something you'll have to redo 'make sgml' and 'make html'.

Have fun!

Salut, Sven

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