On  4 Feb, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> "Repeat Last" will repeat the last plug-in. Since menus do not provide
>  feedback of wether an entry is a plug-in or "built-in" (I think it
> would even be wrong to do so), you have to know this, which is not
> easy for beginners.

 Repeat last should repeat anything that makes sense to be repeated
 if it doesn't you should create a bugreport and we'll have to fix this.

>>  Well, I could provide you a patch which reverts it when you compile
> Please note that I am not alone with that opinion...


> I mean, with your logic, you could remove all text from the dialogs,
> since the layout is enough to find out what the dialog does, and the
> tooltips can help you.

 Not really.

> You need the right mix between feedback and not, and I think yours is
> too low. Especially since you are a skilled gimp user, while others
> are not.

 No, I'm a skilled programmer no skilled gimp user or even designer.

>>  impressive icons are a lot better
> This is wrong. Many people (like me) rely on text to quickly evaluate
> situation. This is common for unix-type-people. Icons are a much
> slower feedback then text.

 Let's replace the icons by text.... :)

> Take, for example, the gimp toolbox. Manye of the icons look almost
> the same, so I actually select tools by _position_ in the toolbox, not
> by a quick look.

 I do select them by look, I only know very vague where e.g. Blend sits.
 If it isn't clear to an experienced user what tool lies behind a specific
 icon then the icons are rubbish. They should be at least be usable for
 distinguishing the tools...

> Thats not the point. The point is effective user feedback.

 Now, where are the users? :)



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