Sven Neumann wrote:
> > >You should definitely increase your tile cache size from the default 10mb.
> > >It should help performance.
> Shouldn't we increase the default for the tile_cache_size? GIMP was shipped
> with the default of 10MB years ago. Memory is cheap nowadays and I guess we
> can expect the average user to have more RAM available. I'd suggest setting
> it to 32MB.

> I want to present an older idea once again since the discussion about the
> tile_cache_size is bac alive. I propose to add a dialog to the
> user_installation step that lets the user specify the tile_cache_size and
> the swap directory. Of course such a dialog would also have a few short
> sentences explaining the importance of these settings together with hints
> for a good choice.


> > However I've noticed that GIMP 1.1.15 has a little bug when changing this
> > value with the Preferences dialog. It seems to be fixed to 10Mb, the only way
> > is changing manually gimprc. ;)
> > I've discovered this bug this morning, I'm not sure at all is a true bug,
> > I haven't checked the sources yet.
> > Anyone experienced the same problem?
> Here it works like a charme and IIRC has been fixed a week ago.

Yes(3)! I noticed that some prefs. widgets were connected to the wrong
varibles while browsing preferences_dialog.c. I hope that I've fixed all of
them correctly.


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