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> I do select them by look, I only know very vague where e.g. Blend sits.
> If it isn't clear to an experienced user what tool lies behind a specific
> icon then the icons are rubbish. They should be at least be usable for
> distinguishing the tools...

Jumping right into the discussion here...

I'm constantly finding myself looking for tools. I know that they are there,
but I have to stop and look closer at almost every single tool. There are
simply too many tools (some of them could well be combined), and the icons
look very much the same (believe it or not). I don't know if colour would
solve this (or just add clutter), but we should really get to reduce the
number of tools, as a previous poster suggested.

> Now, where are the users? :)

They're buried in the pile of messages from gimp-developer (I was told "2
or 3 messages per day" when I joined) ;-)

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