Tom Rathborne wrote:

> I just noticed this new CVS entry:
> Fri Feb  4 18:27:16 CET 2000  Stanislav Brabec  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>         * app/global_edit.c: edit_fill with foreground, not background.

> <snipped...>

> I don't think it's a bug, and
> making this change will suddenly render all of the GIMP books
> completely obsolete! Ok, so GIMP 1.2 will make the books obsolete
> anyways... but changing such a basic core UI thing seems like a bad
> idea to me.
> <DrBronner> Revert, revert, ok! </DrBronner>

Indeed, some of the 1.2 - revised books are well into pre-press
and some are out in the market.  These books suffer too.

>From "Gimp - Essential Reference (Covers GIMP 1.2, GTK 1.2 and
Script-Fu" by Alex Harford, published by New Riders (Page 32):

"Clear and Fill are simple tools for working with selections
and entire layers... <discussion of Clear omitted> ... The Fill
([Ctrl+.]) operation adds paint to the current selection. The selection
is always the *background* color even if there are layers or an Alpha
channel. <emphasis mine> Fill is therefore useless when working
with a flat image without an Alpha channel because it has the same
effect as Clear..."

So in a small way, a GIMP reference has been rendered less accurate.

The issue of whether or not this change is more sensible is not the point;
the point is that the User Interface is special ground; there is a lot
of external dependency on long-standing behaviour remaining constant.
One should not change it without first posting some kind of proposal
here - especially in this feature-freeze period where many people
are working hard to get documentation synchronized with the Gimp.

My two U.S. cents.

Garry Osgood

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