On  4 Feb, Raphael Quinet wrote:

> I wouldn't be too sure about that.  On a system that I was previously
> administering (students' network at the university), I have seen some
> users that were using /var/tmp or /tmp to store their applications
> while they were logged in, and deleted the stuff afterwards.

 In our university you just have a chance to compile anything if you 
 are using /tmp. It is also a very convenient place because everything 
 else will go over NFS and thus is dog slow. You can even leave your
 programms there if you make sure that you get the same machine back if
 you need them or the /tmp-machine is at least running Linux... :)
 It makes also sense to crosscompile projects like GIMP on an Alpha
 maschine with plenty of memory and very fast RAID clusters. 

> progress?  On third thought...  If your disk quota is exceeded, you 
> will not even get the core dump.  On fourth thought... :-)  Who in 
> their right mind would use the Gimp on a systems that has such strict 
> constraints?

 I do sometimes, but you are right: In general it's better to convince
 the sysadmin to install a programm in a place where everyone might use
 it than forcing eveyone to do it for himself. Unfortunately you won't
 have a big chance to get your favourite latest snapshot of some
 software installed.... :( 



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