On  4 Feb, Steinar H. Gunderson wrote:

> I'm constantly finding myself looking for tools. I know that they are
> there, but I have to stop and look closer at almost every single tool.
> There are simply too many tools (some of them could well be combined),
> and the icons look very much the same (believe it or not). I don't
> know if colour would solve this (or just add clutter), but we should
> really get to reduce the number of tools, as a previous poster
> suggested.

 Yes, at least the Pencil now is rather useless....

>> Now, where are the users? :)
> They're buried in the pile of messages from gimp-developer (I was told
> "2 or 3 messages per day" when I joined) ;-)

 Bad luck... Believe me, it'll go better at least in summer.... :)



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