>  I think it's time to remove that useless pencil before the release
>  of the magic version 1.2. Did anyone use it in the last time?
>  It contains no functionality that paintbrush doesn't have except of
>  hard edges (anyone needing that "feature"?)...

It is a very important feature, believe me! But the pencil can easily
be merged with the Paintbrush by adding a "Hard Edges" option. This will
add all the goodies the paintbrush has (like gradient and fadeout) to 
the pencil tool for free.

I'm all for removing the Path Tool, the Xinput Airbrush and and merging
Pencil and Paintbrush. If I counted correctly this would reduce the 
number of tools to 24. This is a perfect number of tools since 
24 % [2|3|4] == 0 which means we always get a nicely layed out toolbox.

Salut, Sven

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