Daniel, please, do you follow the discussions on this list?

>  At the moment we have got 2 Pathtools in GIMP. One which is called
>  Bezierselect in the Toolbox but has a Path dialog
>  (in the Layers/Channels dialog???) and another one called Path tool.
>  The latter works a lot nicer IMHO but I haven't managed yet to
>  transform a path into a selection and the former has better support
>  in form of a dialog. Which one should we keep? Or better: should we
>  merge it into one Tool which works nicely AND has a support dialog?

OK, I'll repeat it once again: The new tool was an approach to design a 
better path tool taken by Simon Budig. The goal was to exchange the user
interface of the BezierSelect tool when it becomes useable. Simon didn't
find the time to complete it and noone else did. There's no need to 
discuss which path tool should make it into 1.2, since there is only one 
that is working. You are too late if you want to change this now!

The Path tool will not be in Gimp-1.2. Same applies to the Xinput Airbrush 
unless someone fixes it really quick now (I see a small chance for the 
Xinput Airbrush to be fixed in time since its a standalone tool).

Salutm Sven

Salut, Sven

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