On  5 Feb, Sven Neumann wrote:

> OK, I'll repeat it once again: The new tool was an approach to design
> better path tool taken by Simon Budig.

 Well, I talked with Simon about it.

> The goal was to exchange the
> user interface of the BezierSelect tool when it becomes useable. Simon
> didn't find the time to complete it and noone else did.

 But it seems that work on the Bezierselect was done...

> There's no
> need to discuss which path tool should make it into 1.2, since there
> is only one that is working.

 It works, it may not have all the features that Simon desired but it's
 nice nevertheless...

> You are too late if you want to change
> this now!

 Why? Fixing tools which are in there and removing redundant code is
 our work at the moment.
> The Path tool will not be in Gimp-1.2.

 I'd like to hear the thoughts of developers, too....

> Same applies to the Xinput
> Airbrush unless someone fixes it really quick now (I see a small
> chance for the Xinput Airbrush to be fixed in time since its a
> standalone tool).




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