On  5 Feb, Sven Neumann wrote:

> It works much better now (/me thanks Kelly).

 "much" is a bit too much... :)
 It definitely works better but the current behaviour isn't acceptable
 for the release anyway.... 

> Well, if you don't see the advantages of a more configurable toolbox
> layout, I can't help you...

 Configurable? If it WOULD work then I'd have nothing against this
 feature but it doesn't i.e. won't allow to change the orientation of
 any of the widgets in it and thus is a decent bug and nothing more.

 We will have much better approaches in 1.3 (I have plans for a fully
 configurable toolbox including menus etc.) and since we can't change
 anything in the toolbar without modifying the code which isn't an
 option for a user I'd really recommend to remove that "feature" or
 at least fix it (I don't get the logic behind it so I won't touch it,
 will you?)...

> Of course this needs to get better before 1.2, but I don't
> hink that lamenting about it will help.

 The only thing I want is a stable featurerich release of GIMP and that
 really soon now. Everything else doesn't matter. Instead of bashing me
 you should rather keep our goal in mind. 



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