> >I'm all for removing the Path Tool, the Xinput Airbrush and and merging
> >Pencil and Paintbrush. If I counted correctly this would reduce the 
> >number of tools to 24. This is a perfect number of tools since 
> >24 % [2|3|4] == 0 which means we always get a nicely layed out toolbox.
> core and plug-ins feature isn't frozen yet?

Yep, they are. But the Path tool and Xinput Airbrush have only been added 
with the option of being removed before 1.2. Since they are not integrated 
into any other tools, it's only a matter of removing a few files and some
small changes in tools.c and menus.c.

Merging the Pencil and Paintbrush is somehow similar since they are 
practically the same tool with only one parameter changed in the call
to paint_core_paste_canvas (). So we can merge them w/o having to be 
afraid of introducing new bugs.

Salut, Sven

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