Thanks Daniel and to all who responded and Sven I'm sorry I didn't 
know about the bug-track thing.   The x-y mouse thing is due
to my theme and Daniel's gdisplay patch fixes the Alpha channel
thing.   I will try to figure out what I did wrong to cause the
Select By Color problem.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Steve Lipa

> On  3 Feb, Steve Lipa wrote:
> >  1) The x-y mouse coordinate data and image name information
> >     that appears to the left of the progress meter are
> >     not working right for me.   The data seems to be written
> >     on top of old data that is never erased so it just looks
> >     like a big black smudge after a while.
>  Are you by any chance running a selfchoosen font?
>  I can reproduce this with a gtkrc that doesn't use the
>  standard font however I'm not quite sure what causes this.
> >  2) The Select By Color dialog box only comes up once, even
> >     if I close the image and open another one.  To use Select
> >     By Color more than once I need to restart gimp!
>  Can't reproduce that... works fine for me....
> >  3) When I Add Alpha Channel to an RGB image, there is no
> >     indication in the window although it seems to work right.
> >     In 1.0.4 it changes RGB to RGB-alpha in the window title.
> >     If you did this on purpose I'm not trying to complain, but
> >     I liked that feature in 1.0.4....
>  Hm, this seems to got lost while making the titlebar more universal...
>  apply the attached patchlet and get happy... :))
> -- 
> Servus,
>        Daniel

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