Sven Neumann wrote:

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> I'm all for removing the Path Tool,

Agreed: In my opinion, there is just too much work to integrate
for March 31 (56 days away and counting).

> the Xinput Airbrush

Agreed: I've just got Wacom Intuos working with GTK+/GDK on SGI,
and on this platform using the Xinput Airbrush with the tablet
crashes Gimp nearly every time.

> and and merging
> Pencil and Paintbrush.

Agree in concept, as part of a more unified paintbrush for 1.3, but
I vote that we do not remove the pencil for the 1.2. About half
the people I speak with think of it as a "hard-edge paintbrush"
and their instincts have them grab the pencil whenever they want
to do "precision" drawing.

I also agree with Nick Lamb in that our energies ought to be
spent in ferreting out unusual behaviour, logging bug
reports, and fixing those that are tractible, given our various
skills and talents. I believe this effort is more important than
rescuing tools that just aren't done yet.

Just this morning I discovered (1) Fuzzy select works
fine with core pointers but with when the tablet is
being used as a pointer device, Fuzzy select can run for minutes,
and its not unusual to find 60 -120 references to the function
find_contiguous_region_helper() on the call stack.
(runaway recursion - don't know why, yet) (2) Confirmed
with Calvin Williamson on Wednesday that the smudge tool
should *never* introduce the color black when  (a) "Keep
Trans=TRUE" AND (b) No black is in the image AND
(c) the user smudges from transparency to opacity. (3)
After switching to the tablet, then using tool icon drag-and-drop
in the Device Status dialog box, I *usually* get a segment violation.

Three bugs in four days. And I wasn't really looking for them,
They just happened when I was trying to have fun.
I don't think we can even begin to claim Gimp Stability yet.

56 days to All Fools' Day.  Must file some bug reports now.

Be good, be well

Garry Osgood

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