Martin Weber wrote:

> Here a list of buggy plugins in GIMP-1.1.16:


Did you make bug reports of these?

1. With 55 days (count'em) to a supposed release date,
and lots of issues outstanding, Gimp needs all the resources
it can possibly garner from the community.

2. Those of us on the periphery of support have time to
lend - but perhaps only single-digit hours per week.

3, Expecting those of us on the periphery of support to
go hunting through the mailing list wastes precious time
that should go to the Gimp.

4. Mailing list "bug reports" are notorious for being
incomplete. The form on the bug report page solicits
pertinent information in an orderly manner, enhancing
the possibility of a successful diagnosis.

If you made bug reports that were not yet posted at because
of various latencies, then please accept my sincere

Be good, be well

Garry Osgood

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