Just a proposal of how to deal with the plug-ins' CVS issue:

        1 - Wait until 1.2 has been released. 

        2 - Remove _ALL_ the plug-ins from GIMP's main CVS.

        3 - Create a separate CVS containing _ALL_ existing plug-ins.

        3 - Create a set of packages containing groups of plug-ins.

        My idea is creating a place where everyone who creates a plug-in can
place his work. And not only his code, but also web pages, demos,
tutorials, ... It should be open to any kind of plug-in, not only those
found interesting for the mainstream. Somebody should also prepare
packages of those plug-ins, so users can easily choose which ones they
need; one of such packages will contain the basic plug-ins, and will be
shipped with GIMP's main package.

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