Tuomas Kuosmanen wrote:
 > Martin Weber wrote:

> > ----------------------------------------------
> > sample colorize plugin:
> > when starting this plugin you get:
> > Gtk-CRITICAL: file gtkwidget.c: line 3313 (gtk_widget_set_sensitive):
> > assertion 'widget!=NULL' failed.
> I have no idea what this plugin is supposed to do? It doesnt seem to work
> like I expect (to colorize a image based on colors of another, right?)

I was wondering too and looked at it, finding it broken in a few
trivial ways (details coming soon to a ChangeLog Near You!)

Input:  1.  a desaturated RGB image
        2a. a gradient OR
        2b. an image with some saturated colors; it derives a gradient
            from such an image.

What it does:

Lets say the gradient (2a|b. however derived) ranges from red to cyan with
grey in the middle range.

The plugin colorizes the desaturated image in accordance with the gradient,

1. The shadows of the desaturated image colorize red
2. The midtones of the desaturated image colorize gray (which is not much at all ;)
3. The highlights of the desaturated image colorize cyan

There are Image/Color/Level controls so mapping is not exactly linear
and a few other toys that noisify the mapping that one can play with;
these will be functioning when I commit the fixes (tomorrow, I think).

Personally, I think similiar tricks may be pulled fully in the confines
of the Curve tool, but as Marc pointed out, not everyone is a copy of me
(or is it 'a copy of Daniel Egger'? I forget ... ;), so some people
may find this plug-in to be lots and lots of fun.

Be good, be well

Garry Osgood

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